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Tupac lives! 002PAC gets more POWER

Paul has been a long term client of ours and decided it was finally time to add a little more power to his gorgeous 2014 Evo X GSR.

Sporting some carbon goodies and a set of AME Tracer TM02 wheels, this car has a clean street appearance. Current power modifications include a BJP 3" split dump pipe and high flow cat, with an Invidia Q300 cat back exhaust and a BJP dyno tune to suit.

With a clean, stock looking engine bay, the idea was to keep the factory look while increasing power substantially.

The following parts were selected to get the car up to the 250wkw mark reliably on 98 fuel and the stock clutch:

- GTPumps GTP712 turbocharger

- Hypertune Exhaust Manifold

- Bosch 1000cc injectors

- Turbosmart FPR800 fuel pressure regulator

- Walbro 300 e85 compatible fuel pump with BJP fitting kit

- Aeroflow braided lines and fittings

The old stock components were removed after just 27k km of service and space was made for the new turbo and manifold.

Injectors were installed and braided line ran to the new fuel pressure regulator, which was mounted out of the way on the firewall.

And the final engine bay result is exactly what we were after. Clean, stock appearance with all the necessities to make some power. The next mod on the list is a heat shield for the exhaust manifold to make sure the valve cover isn't exposed to excessive heat.

A few hours were spent on the dyno getting the tune dialled in. We settled for 25psi boost with a safe amount of timing to make 251wkw.

After dyno tuning was completed, it was time for some testing and double checking everything ready for customer pick up. And of course a full wash and detail!

Keep an eye out for this gorgeous X getting around the streets of Sydney!

If you have any questions regarding this car or others, please send an email to or contact us on (02) 8798 7618.


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