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Boostin' Juice Performance Evo X setting the record for the quickest and fastest full weight SST Evo X.

10.549 @ 131.9mph

Full weight 1710kg 3770lb

CRD built 2.2L stroker 4B11T

Stock frame GTX3582R 28psi

3" screamer dump pipe and 3" exhaust

Boostin' Juice Performance fuel system with 2000cc injectors

Stock ECU, transfer case, diff and driveshafts

Custom built gearbox by BOOSTIN JUICE PERFORMANCE 408awkw on this run

Boostin' Juice Performance Ralliart Lancer setting the Australian record for the quickest and fastest stock turbo Ralliart Lancer.​

12.191 @ 108.81 mph

3" 100 cell cat, 3" catback

3 port boost solenoid, Intercooler and piping kit


Stock dump pipe, stock fuel pump, stock injectors, stock intake, stock gearbox

183awkw on this run

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