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Another 280kw BJP TD04 on stock motor and gearbox

We've been getting plenty of enquiries recently about the little TD04 we've released, and it's no wonder why. With big gains over stock turbo for a lot less than switching over to the Evo X TD05 frame, and keeping almost factory like responsiveness, these turbos are probably the best bang for buck upgrade for a near stock car.

Jason brought in his Ralliart with the usual bolt on mods - exhaust, intercooler and blow off valve.

He opted for the BJP TD04 with our BJP 3" split dump pipe, along with our standard fuel system consisting of a Walbro 255 with BJP intank fitting kit and a set of ID1050x injectors.

We also slapped a lower intercooler pipe on the car to replace the restrictive factory lower pipe.

With the car all together and ready to make some jam, we threw it on the dyno and began tuning.

Final results are very impressive, with the car tuned solely on e85.

For package information and pricing, send us a contact request or give us a call on (02) 8798 7618.

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