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282kw on the new BJP high flow turbocharger

We've been working on this for a while now and have had some interesting results over the past couple of months. With further testing and development of the high flow TD04 turbocharger - a direct bolt on for the Lancer Ralliart - we've finally been able to release it for sale.

Dylan came to us wanting more power in his Ralliart Lancer, which already had a few bolt ons and a tune making around 175kw.

His goals meant the stock turbo was not going to be sufficient, and an upgrade would be required.

The 2 options on the table were an upgrade to the TD05 frame (Evo X turbocharger) and all the additionals that go along with it, or sticking with the TD04 frame and testing out the new high flowed turbo. The downside with the Evo X swap is the requirement to change lines, manifold, dump and brackets to suit the turbo, the issue of most used Evo X manifolds being cracked and the fact that the intake must be changed to suit the TD05 frame turbo as the inlets are completely different. And after all that, you still end up with a used turbocharger.

We recommended the high flow TD04 as it has a higher flow rate and works out being around the same price as the TD05 swap.

With the upgrades decided, this is list of modifications performed to supplement the larger turbocharger:

- BJP 3" split dump pipe

- BJP 3" air intake kit with airbox

- ID1050x injectors

- Walbro 255 with BJP fitting kit

- BJP battery relocation kit

We also modified a factory Evo X muffler to bring the noise down and keep the car a bit of a sleeper.

The first few pulls on the dyno showed some great results, with 190kw at just 18psi on 98 octane fuel. After checking everything was working as it should, we moved on to final tuning with 98. The results were 257.4kw @ 25psi peak, with 350nm on tap from 3250-7000rpm.

The tank was then drained clean and filled with e85. A little bit of fuel and timing tweaking, plus a tiny bit more boost took us to 282.1kw @ 26psi peak, with 400nm+ from 3600-6300rpm.

The torque graph below shows how large the powerband is and this is especially noticeable on the street, with it coming into boost quickly and making enough torque down low to keep fuel efficiency relatively good.

All in all, the turbo performs beyond expectations, while coming in at a cost comparative to a TD05 turbo swap. All while exceeding the power potential of the Evo X TD05 and keeping the engine bay looking reasonably factory.

With further modifications, we hope to see this turbo reach it's full potential of an expected 300kw+.

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