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371.9wkw on a stock block Evo X!

After completing the upgrades on this car back in September last year, and making a healthy 333.3wkw; the owner decided to push the setup to its maximum on stock block.

We performed a few checks to ensure everything was in order, chucked a new set of spark plugs in it and got to turning it up.

First pull on the dyno showed more power than when we tuned it back in September! 342wkw.

Boost was adjusted slightly and timing and fuel were tidied up and we ended up just below 372wkw at 27-29psi on e85. Torque is well and truly at the stock block limit, with 500+nm from 5500rpm to redline.

With a bigger fuel setup and a touch more boost, we might end up seeing over 400wkw with this stock block!

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