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328kw Stock Block Ralliart!

Bilal came back again for some more power after having his flex fuel BJP300 setup for a few months.

He decided it was time to bump the power up to match his plates, and the decision was made for Tomei 270 camshafts with BC springs and retainers. We then selected a set of ARP2000 head studs to hold it together and a set of ID1300 injectors to get the fuel into the engine.

The GTPumps GTP712 turbocharger has already proved itself as a brilliant performer on stock block motors and it was evident that it wanted to make some power as soon as it was rolled onto the dyno.

With it laying down 260wkw at just 19psi, we knew this setup was going to go well into the 300wkw without too much boost.

We ended up at just under 25psi on e85,. with results of 328kw, well exceeding the 310kw goal that Bilal had in mind.

After completing the e85 tune, the fuel was dropped and 98 was thrown in the tank for some more tuning.

We then set up fuel, timing and dialling in around 23psi of boost and ended up at a very respectable 278kw!

Overall, the car is amazing to drive, shifts well and to top it off, the flex fuel setup on stock ECU allows Bilal to put whatever mixture of e85 and 98 he likes in the tank, knowing he's always getting the best performance from the car.

Congratulations Bilal, we hope you enjoy the new found power.

If you would like to know what we can do for your car, send us a message or give us a call on (02) 8798 7618.

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