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This 2008 Evo X MR was brought to us with a host of select cosmetic upgrades and a small selection of quality bolt on parts. After having the car for a short while, the owner decided it was time to bump the power up to match its looks.

First we selected a turbocharger for the target power level of 300-330wkw with the capability of more power later when the owner decides to go down the route of a built motor. The GTP762 from our good friends at GTPumps Turbochargers ( was purchased to get us to the target.

Next, we added a tried and tested Hypertune stock frame exhaust manifold to help bring boost on earlier and get the turbo flowing at peak efficiency.

After turbo and manifold were sorted, we moved on to fuel setup. ID1300 injectors were selected to be used in conjunction with a Turbosmart FPR800 utilising stock fuel rail and Aeroflow fittings and braided line to tie all it together. A Walbro 450 fuel pump was fitted with one of our BJP fuel pump fitting kits. An EasyPerformance fuel pump controller was added to allow us to modulate fuel pump voltage based on manifold pressure and keep fuel temperatures right where we want them.

Some top end upgrades were also selected to get the engine breathing more efficiently, comprising of GSC S2 camshafts, GSC valve springs and retainers, as well as a set of ARP2000 head studs to hold it all together. A brand new OEM timing chain kit was also used to keep it all maintained nicely.

Lastly, a 3.5" intake was custom made in-house to allow more airflow through the factory MAF sensor and provide the large stock frame turbo with the air it needs.

The customer selected a dual map tune to give the flexibility of fuel choice, all done on stock ECU.

With the customer's goal in mind, we recommended a comprehensive gearbox upgrade for the SST to both handle the power and give some reliability over the long term.

One of our BJP 10 plate "race clutch" setups was custom built to give crisp shifts, along with a full internal overhaul, including shift fork 4 repair and internal filter and seal replacement.

Once all these upgrades were performed, it was time for tuning!

Starting off on United 98 fuel, we chose to tune the car to 25psi maximum boost pressure, with a slowly increasing boost curve to keep torque below the factory engine limits. After a few hours, we were happy with the results; ending up at 275kw and 410nm at all four wheels.

Next up it was time to drain the tank for the switch to United E85 fuel.

Our target for this vehicle was 320-330 kw at all four wheels, and with the GTPumps GTP762 turbocharger spinning at 27psi, this was easily achievable! Again, we tuned boost in order to keep torque below the limit of the stock bottom end.

With final figures on E85 of 333.3kw and 450nm of torque at all four wheels, we're happy to say that the owner's goal of 320-330wkw was met.

The owner was more than happy with the results and driveability with the BJP built gearbox is far better than from factory. The vehicle has no issues shifting from 1st-2nd gear at full throttle and launches are crisp.

We hope to see more of this car in the future and hopefully some 1/4 mile times once the owner has gotten a feel for his "new" car.

Boostin' Juice Performance

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