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10BRUH back from fab and assembly time!

It's been just over 2 weeks since 10BRUH came back from the fabricators - Hypertune (, and we've gotten a whole bunch of parts coated and wrapped up ready to go on for the last time.

Intercooler and intercooler piping, intake, exhaust manifold, screamer pipes and full exhaust were all custom fabricated to suit the turbo placement we were looking for, as well as being able to support the power level that we're expecting from this setup.

Weld quality and general finishing is amazing and compliments every aspect of the car.

Next up was getting to heat protection and shielding to ensure nothing in this engine bay is going to turn into a fireball! Custom heat shielding was made up in house and finished with a layer of DEI gold reflective heat tape. Plenty of clearance to the manifold and turbo and a nice large air gap to the firewall and secondary heat shielding.

Some colour was then selected for highlight parts in the bay and we chose to use Comp Coat Race Coatings to perform the powdercoating and ceramic coatings.

All exhaust components were ceramic coated in "Titanium Grey", with the highlights powdercoated "Ron Burgandy" with a heap of flake for a pop under lights.

Some test fitting followed to mock up turbo oil and coolant hoses, prior to final assembly in car.

As pretty as the exhaust coatings are, we opted to further reduce the risk of fire by wrapping it all up in Titanium heat wrap. We think it still looks pretty awesome!

Then it was time to pull it all apart again for final install in the bay.

There's still fair bit more to go before she sees the dyno, including catch can setup and vacuum lines but it's definitely coming together.

More updates to follow, but for now here's a sneaky fuel system pic:

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