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Here are some of the complete and in-progress builds here at Boostin' Juice Performance. While no car may ever be completely "finished", these features help show the progress, through their iterations.

Ben's 2008 Evo X MR

Ben's Evo X MR has had multiple iterations over the years, with lots of time spent developing it into one of Australia's fastest street driven Evo X's...

Jamie's 2011 Evo X GSR

Many hours have been spent getting this car to the point where it is today, and the owner Jamie is very meticulous when it comes to finish quality. Some people are happy with off the shelf finishes, but Jamie has an eye for the finer details...

Jay's 1999 Toyota Corolla Turbo

April 30, 2018

There's something about a sleeper that intrigues us, and Jay's Corolla is no exception. It may look like a factory 1999 Toyota Corolla, but it packs a lot more under the bonnet than it lets on...

Bilal's 2014 Lancer Ralliart

Bilal came to us with a completely stock 2014 Mitsubishi Lancer Ralliart and wanted something that would put his car above the rest, while still retaining factory driveability. Our tested and proven BJP300 setup was selected to make it happen...

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